6 tips on how to use Instagram

6 tips on how to use Instagram

Instagram. It sounds so simple and straightforward, doesn’t it? You download the app, sign up, and start posting pictures of your products, but let me stop you right there. There is more to it than that. For a business to succeed in getting their brand noticed on the platform, here are 6 juicy tips that you should definitely take note of.

Make Sure You Have a Business Profile

Instagram has a nifty little option in the settings of the app that allows you to turn your profile into a business profile. This will provide you with many benefits e.g. analytical insights and the ability to run a sponsored post.

Post Interesting Photos

Now, this sounds like an obvious tip, but I’m not telling you to post daily snaps of the weird and wonderful, but more relevantly, make sure your imagery is bright, colourful and most importantly, a lifestyle image.

In my opinion, cut-out images have no place for Instagram, but with that being said, if every post was a cut-out it would create a gorgeous theme for your Instagram.

From your feed, users should be able to get an idea of your brand and the types of products that you sell.

Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar is crucial for creating a successful Instagram account.

Building a content calendar is straightforward and you can do this week by week or monthly. Monthly is a better option, as you won’t spend each week thinking of “what next?”

If you plan on doing some sponsored posts, it is important to include this in your content calendar with important points like budget, date, imagery and how long the sponsored post will last for.


Here are some ideas for weekly content:

1. Themed weeks e.g. bold colours, tropical etc.

2. Posts around a special day e.g. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day

3. Pictures of a particular product or design of a product e.g. Lamps, sofas, accessories


Let’s Talk About Hashtags

Hashtags are fantastic little things! They allow your photos to reach more people instead of just being shared amongst your followers. It enables people with common interests to see your photos, and thus increases your followers!

So, where should you put your hashtags? Placing them in your caption is a big no no, just don’t do it. It will cause your post to look forced and unprofessional.

Rather than placing it in the caption, the best thing to do is to comment on your own picture with the relevant hashtags.

Here are some ideas: #interiordesign #interiorstyle #interiors #bedroom #home, but don’t overdo it, keep it roughly to no more than 20 hashtags per post.

Keep It Active!

This is something we are always told to do in our daily lives, but it is also important to keep your Instagram active! Posting up to 2 posts a day is the perfect amount, any more than that and you might annoy your followers. Think about the times of day you post too so you can reach maximum engagement. (Instagram analytics should be able to help with finding out the best time to post.)

Interact With Your Followers

Once you start posting photos that are delectable to the eye, you will start receiving comments.

Unfortunately, there are a bunch of auto-comment users but it is very easy to differentiate an auto-comment from a genuine comment.

An auto-comment usually says “nice pic” or “nice profile”, but a genuine comment will more times than none be lengthier and actually refer to the picture posted.

It is important to engage with the followers who write genuine comments, but it is also vital for you to leave comments on popular Instagram accounts that are similar to yours too, so that users of related interests will be more likely to have a look at your profile.

So that's it! Why not head over to the zero2one Instagram account to see our tips in action and say hello!

If you would like further information on our social media management packages, please get in touch.

Understanding and measuring PR using Google Analytics

Understanding and measuring PR using Google Analytics

PR is notoriously hard to measure. More recently though, with the help of Google Analytics and digital marketing, brands can be more savvy with their spending and much closer to working out their ROI. Traditional PR measurement tactics would include the number of pieces of coverage secured, brand mentions and total reach, but now clients are more interested in knowing the number of shares and conversions.

In Gorkana’s webinar in Understanding Google Analytics, they simply and succinctly explain best practice for measuring your PR using GA.

While we wouldn’t recommend focusing exclusively on your GA, it certainly makes for interesting reading. PR has always been about achieving that overall increase in brand awareness.


If you’re looking to measure your PR, these are the elements to look out for on your Google Analytics.

PR and analytics sit on the opposite end of the same scale. PR is focused on first touch-point between consumer and brand (firing up potential customers’ desires for the new sofa, creating a buzz on social etc), whereas GA focuses on last click attribution. It’s important when trying to measure a campaign’s effectiveness not to simply focus on last click attribution. It is almost inevitable that you’re going to lose measurements on assisted conversions because of the nature of human behaviour. For example, if someone spots your product in The Times; unless they make the purchase right away and from that link, you will have lost that measurement. Instead of ‘last click’ look at your site’s overall traffic flow in the period The Times article may be current, taking into account sales overall. If there is a noticeable uplift in sales of the featured product it helps with measurement, sure, but don’t rule out customers browsing your range for a while before settling on something else.

PR is more about broader sense of brand growth than finite details. For a better way to measure, you should consider multi-channel funnels. Whilst it’s not also 100% accurate, multi-channel funnels is thought to be more reliable than using just last click attribution.


The average consumer visits a site 7 times prior to making a purchase. By using the MCF, it reduces the reliance on last click attribution and upweighs supporting links. For example, someone may see your product in a blog; pin it to their Pinterest boards (to purchase at pay day); Google search for the brand a couple of weeks later; and click on an ad-word to eventually land on your site and complete the goal. Therefore, it’s important to focus on brand awareness across multiple channels in order to increase the chance of catching that customer and completing that purchase.

GA has other uses than simple analytics, for example: goal action. You may have a goal set for a particular product range to sell especially well. Or a campaign on social media. Whatever your aim, you can set up goals on GA to align with your PR objectives.

PR should provide an uplift in brand searches. If you would like to delve deeper into this, you can filter to see the before and afters with campaigns, spikes in click through rates should be attributed to digital PR. With all this talk of digital, don’t think that print coverage doesn’t also help! It’s great for increasing your brand searches (and giving you something to shout about on social!).

Another thing to look at is direct traffic patterns. Direct traffic comes from a bookmark or URL address.

Other areas to bear in mind may include regional related coverage. This should be considered if you’re working on a regional campaign and would like to see an increase in traffic and sales in your chosen location. Or you may be looking to decrease your bounce rate, or ultimately an increase in transactions.  These would all be dependent on your PR objectives.

If you are interested in creating a cohesive PR campaign, with set goals and tracking, please do get in touch.

3 Sizzling SS17 Trends

3 Sizzling SS17 Trends

The clocks have gone forward and the weather is getting warmer (hoorah), which can only mean one thing… summer is on its way!

During the months leading up to 2017 there were many interior trend predictions bouncing around, but here at zero2one we have honed down on trends that we know will be huge this spring and summer.

See below 3 trends that will make your home super stylish in the up-and-coming months:

Pale Dogwood with Green & Copper Accents – This trend is easy to incorporate into your home by adding accessories of each colour. The addition of these accessories will give your space a feminine, industrial and botanical look all at once!

Pop goes the 80s – Colour blocking is back! Adding primary colours into your home whether you decide to choose a single colour or a group will allow you to instantly add vibrancy as well as character to your interiors.

Desert Chic – Wild Wild West is a hot trend for spring and summer 2017, with light brown furniture, figureheads, and cacti being a key way to add some desert style to your space.

Details and Pricing:

  1. Sisters Guild – Ceramic Pineapple Jar in Pink by Rice DK; £30

  2. Penelope Hope – Green & Copper Silk Cushion; £105

  3. Red Candy – Menu Norm Wire Fruit Bowl – Copper; £42

  4. Darlings of Chelsea – Charnwood Love Seat; £2650

  5. Cult Furniture – Moda Bar Stool – Yellow with Chrome Legs; £109

  6. Amaroni Home – Rebu Pink Ombre Salad Bowl; £16

  7. Distinctify – Cima Side Table; £159

  8. Cult Furniture – Cult Living Wire Deer Skull – White; £39

  9. Kikkerland – Cactus Pillow; £17.50

How to maximise & measure your PR efforts

How to maximise & measure your PR efforts

PR Pros have spent years trying to find an easy way to analyse results, but PR is notoriously hard to measure. So with the help of social media and Google Analytics, we now have more insight and data readily available to roll up our sleeves and delve into what gets customers engaged and buying.

Whether its from seeing an increase in your followers, an uplift in brand searches or more click-throughs from your PPC activity, PR affects all channels you use.

“But where do you look to find that out?” I hear you say! Don’t fret, as we have decided to share a few of our top tips on how to maximise the impact of your press coverage, along with tips on how to measure the impact of your PR.

Maximise the value of your PR:

OK, so you’ve just secured press coverage in your wish list titles. Congratulations! But now what? Brand association is one of the key values of PR. If you have been featured in a newspaper, magazine, website or blog, then your potential customers are then reassured about your brand.  So make sure your coverage works harder and smarter for you by sharing the news about your coverage far and wide!

1. Share your coverage on your website by simply writing out the titles you have been seen in somewhere prominent like the home page or the first line of text on the product description.  You can’t use the logos without permission – just send a short email to the editor and it should be fine. Oli & Grace display their best coverage mentions beautifully on their home page:

2. You can also put an “as featured in” page on your site, a ticker on the home page and “flashes” on the product listings when they have been featured in the press.  You can also use quotes from the articles.  This gives customers trust in your brand and so you may then observe increased conversion rates. Made.com do it really nicely:

3. Talk about your coverage in your customer newsletters.

4. Talk about your coverage across social media.


There is often a misconception that PR leads to instant and vast sales, that can be true on occasions, but its often the slow and steady build-up of brand awareness which you will see.

Tip. Make sure you have set up e-commerce tracking on Google Analytics. This will help decipher which channels or activities have worked and the impact that has had on sales.  It’a always good to take into consideration the data from before this activity has taken place so you can you can analyse before and after pictures.

Google Analytics & clients tend to analyse the “last click” / or the last touch point they have with a clientbut customers, on average, come across a brand 7 times before making a purchase – this can take even longer on big ticket items, like furniture.  Here’s a great infographic about last click attributions from Smartly:

For example, a customer may see you in a mag, check out your social media accounts, click on a Google ad, click on a display ad and then make a purchase.  In this case you would attribute the sale to the “last click” on the display ad, when the magazine actually drove the initial awareness. So when print coverage is also in the mix, always be open to look at the bigger picture, rather than the granular.

There are some ways around this on Google which I’ve outlined below, including the reports to review on Google Analytics:

   1.  Look at assisted conversions from referral and direct traffic.

   2. Number of brand searches – this demonstrates brand awareness

   3. Direct to site traffic – people coming directly to your website after e.g. reading about in a magazine

   4. Look for higher conversion rates in those coming straight to the site

We offer measurement and analytical insights as part of our PR packages, along with a customised dashboard to show the impact of our activity. If you’re interested in learning more about maximising and measuring your press coverage, please get in touch.

Get the look: Sketch London

Get the look: Sketch London

With diners ranging from Hollywood A-listers to royalty, Sketch -London is a huge hit with celebrities.

The restaurant holds five separate rooms that all have varied interior styles.

A particular room that has all of us here at zero2one going heart eyes is the Gallery.

The room was transformed by the British artist David Shrigley, and includes 239 of his very own drawings displayed on the restaurant’s walls. The interior style that accompanies Shrigley’s work was designed by the architect and designer India Mahdavi, who created a striking yet playful setting.

Credit: Sketch.London

Credit: Sketch.London

Beautifully designed with a 60s theme, the room holds an old Hollywood – glamorous feel.

The focal colour is a beautiful tone of pink that is reminiscent of Pantone’s Pale Dogwood, but slightly darker.

The soft velvet pink furniture paired with the stunning copper wall and table detailing gives the room a luxe look.

It isn’t hard to see why it is such a popular spot for those A-listers!

You can add a touch of Sketch’s classy style to your home with products from our fabulous clients!

Details and Pricing:

1 Penelope Hope; Happy Cushion – Ivory and Copper; £95.00

2 Oli and Grace; Ruby Dining Table Black; £1100.00

3 Tolly McRae; Picnic Rug/Chunky Blanket – Old Rose; £119.00

4 Cult Furniture; Cult Design Moda Armchair Copper Metal Legs; £89.00

5 Furnish.co.uk; Glass Bowl Table Lamp; £190.00

6 Red Candy; Menu Norm Wire Fruit Bowl – Copper; £42.00

SS17 Trend: Dark Tropics

SS17 Trend: Dark Tropics

In late 2016, Pantone announced that Greenery would be 2017’s colour of the year. However, it seems that a darker earthy green and turquoise have taken the interior space by storm.

The trend that has a Dark Tropics vibe, encapsulates the stunning variations of greens that can be found in a tropical rainforest or jungle.

Here at zero2one, we have an array of products that will spruce up your living space ready for Spring/Summer 2017.

Below are 6 products from our fabulous clients that will immediately transform your home.

  1. The Alessi Fruit Mama Fruit Holder from Red Candy would be a perfect addition to any kitchen or dining table. The beautiful shade of turquoise brings the Dark Tropics trend to life. The quirky fruit holder looks like an ornament when empty, so your room will always look put together! The holder has been made out of thermoplastic resin, and the bowl is made out of stainless steel.

  2. Keep your storage furniture on trend with the Shabby Cupboard from Furnish.co.ukThe beautiful cupboard that has a distressed look would be a lovely addition to your existing interior, and with the finish of the wood being a gorgeous green-blue it will bring summer into your home.

  3. Add the fresh trend into your interiors in a minimal way with the Cactus Pillow from KikkerlandThe fun cylinder pillow is made out of breathable spandex and has a filling of contouring microbeads, perfect for giving your back or neck some extra support.

  4. Keep cosy with the Forest Green Lambswool Blanket from Tolly McRae. The soft Lambswool throw would be a perfect addition to any living-room or bedroom and will bring a pop of colour into your relaxing space.

  5. Incorporate Cult Furniture’s versatile Moda Arm Chair into your home. The beautiful shade of turquoise accompanied by the stunning copper legs will look great in any location! The chair could be used in the kitchen, living area, or as a desk chair.

  6. Furniture is a bold way to bring a trend into your home, but the fabulous thing about the Wing Chair in the shade Petrol Velvet is that it will never go out of style! Sisters Guild has created a stunning armchair that will always look classic in any location.

Details and Pricing:

Red Candy – Alessi Fruit Mama Fruit Holder£133.00

Furnish.co.uk – Shabby Cupboard; £395.00

Kikkerland – Cactus Pillow; £17.50

Tolly McRae –  Forest Green Lambswool Blanket; £99

Cult Furniture – Cult Design Moda Armchair Copper Metal Legs; £89

Sisters Guild – Wing Chair in Petrol Velvet; £950.00

Hot trends of 2017 take off with Escapism

Hot trends of 2017 take off with Escapism

Happy new year all. Hope you’re enjoying the familiar comforts of your old office armchair, and diet’s evolution from endless turkey and ham sandwiches, to Mature Cheddar & Pret Pickle.

However, if you’re feeling that maybe you’re just not quite ready to return to the grind, that maybe you’d just like to check out for a while and watch from afar; this new year interior trend may be one you could get on board with.

The rise of ‘escapism’ in home design has been marked as a hot trend to watch in 2017, and it’s not hard to understand why. In a world where smart phones are always within inches of their owners’ hands and the lines between ‘work’ ‘play’ and ‘home’ are continuing to blur, it seems like a natural progression for buyers to seek out an escape. In addition to location, technology and space, as we progress into a more and more tech-laden world, ore buyers will be seeking out a haven where they can truly turn off, unplug, and enjoy their own company.

Creek Landscape Lampshade; furnish.co.uk; £65

Oversized Travel Wraps; tollymcrae.co.uk; £59

Round Wooden Mirror; decorativemirrorsonline.co.uk; £308

Coastline Wooden and Acrylic Wall Hanging; betsybenn.co.uk; £59

George Side Table; oliandgrace.co.uk; £285

Travel Map Laundry Bags; kikkerlandeu.com; £17.50

Pop over to view all products in our Escapism collection now, and count on this being one trend really set to take off this year.

SS17 Trend Urban Tropics Garden Party

SS17 Trend Urban Tropics Garden Party

Outside may be gloomy and dark, but it is time to turn our heads towards a vibrant trend that has been forecasted for spring and summer 2017; Urban Tropics Garden Party.

The versatile trend can be added into an interior in either a minimal or bold way, with the style including fun pineapples, floral patterns, spring greens and more!

Our clients here at zero2one have amazing products that will allow you to add the lively look into your interiors.

The Flamingo Table Lamp in Coral from Sisters Guild (1) is a gorgeously unique piece that acts as a fun ornament, and at the same time is a practical addition to your home. The flamingo design along with the coral colour is a chic way to bring the Urban Tropics look into your interiors, and it can be paired with the Floral Drum Lampshade.

The Two Pineapple Bookends from Furnish.co.uk (2) would look great on a wall shelf or bookcase, and will stylishly keep your bookshelves organised!

The Flower Patch A6 Journal from Collier Campbell (3) comes with a gorgeously designed vibrant floral cover. The lined notebook is the perfect size for a handbag or to keep on your desk at work or in your home office. The floral pattern encapsulates the trend for spring and summer, and will transport you to happier sunny days!

The Concrete Large Planter and Pen Holder from Kikkerland (4) is an industrial style pen and plant holder, which will add a bit of tropical flair to your desk space. The succulents are not included, but this gives you freedom to create your own cacti/succulent masterpiece!

Add a practical cactus ‘plant’ into your living room with Red Candy’s Suck UK Cactus Coasters (5)The novelty design allows you to no longer store your unused coasters in a mundane fashion. The coaster cactus is a perfect table display when not in use, and will bring the SS17 trend into your living area in a minimal way.

The Super Soft Merino Throw from Tolly McRae (6) is a stunning pear shade that will brighten up your living room. The soft green is a subtle way of adding the garden party look into your home. The versatile colour of the throw will live perfectly amongst neighbouring colours that may be present in your home.


Details and Pricing:

Sisters Guild – Flamingo Table Lamp; £89.00 – Optional Floral Lampshade – Medium; £32 and large; £44

Furnish.co.uk – Two Pineapple Bookends; £65

Collier Campbell’s – Flower Patch A6 Journal; £8.95

Kikkerland – Concrete Large Planter and Pen Holder; £30.00

Red Candy – Suck UK Cactus Coasters; £15.00

Tolly McRae – Super Soft Merino Throw; £124.00

Pantone Colour for Spring 2017

Pantone Colour for Spring 2017

It is that time of the year again where we eagerly sit and wait for Pantone to release their spring and summer colour for the following year, but wait no more, the colour has been announced!

Pantone has released their spring 2017 colour and it is a vivid green, fittingly named Greenery.

The global colour authority describes this gorgeous shade as “a tangy yellow-green that speaks to our need to explore, experiment and reinvent. Illustrative of flourishing foliage, the fertile attributes of Greenery signals one to take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate”.

Our clients here at zero2one have products that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Greenery, and here are our top six picks:

Details and Pricing:

  1. Betsy Benn; Coastline Wooden and Acrylic Wall Hanging£75.00

  2. Cult Furniture; Green Aura Dining Armchair with Option Seat and Back Rest£99.00

  3. Tolly McRae; Super Soft Merino Throw – Pear£124.00

  4. Red Candy; Newgate Cubic II Alarm Clock – Lime Green£25.00

  5. Living It Up; Zach Bed£709.00

  6. Amaroni Home; Citrus Juicer with Glass Jug£4.63

Capturing the contemporary industrial aesthetic with Oli & Grace

Capturing the contemporary industrial aesthetic with Oli & Grace

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited out to a warehouse in the middle of a Newark industrial estate, for Oli & Grace’s four-seasoned shoot.

You may recognise the name from our social channels but if not let me fill you in. Oli & Grace launched last month with a wonderful collection of handmade furniture and homewares, all of which combine ethically sourced, sustainable materials with a contemporary industrial design (think thick acacia wood table tops with cast iron legs).

Working with stylist Kwan, the Oli & Grace team set about creating a visual story for every season. Family sized dining tables were immaculately dressed for Christmas, the visible wood grain becoming a central element to the stripped-back industrial look; champagne twinkled on top of a bone-inlay dresser; a beautiful bistro set laid ready for Mother’s Day celebrations. Oli & Grace founders, Matt and Tom, have a background in commercial and set design; which as you can imagine, came in very useful when tasked with transforming a corner of an old warehouse into a contemporary industrial dining room.

It was an intense day, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the beautiful Oli & Grace products up close and personal. Especially this, the waviest live-edge table I have ever seen.

Here is the edge in focus, as it deserves another posting.

If you like what you see, hotfoot it over to www.oliandgrace.co.uk to nab a stonking 20% off everything all weekend, as part of their Black Friday promotion.

Don’t forget about the colour burgundy

Don’t forget about the colour burgundy

With the weather getting chillier and the clocks turning backwards, the days are getting shorter and nights longer. The change of weather effects the colours we choose to wear, but not only this, the arrival of autumn alters how we want our home to look.

Personalised Number One Vinyl Print; Betsy Benn; £35.00

Personalised Number One Vinyl Print; Betsy Benn; £35.00

 It has been noted that the ‘in the now’ colours are green and grey, but a colour that has been popping up on AW17 moodboards is the almost forgotten colour, burgundy. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the autumn and winter months a colour that perfectly represents it is the unique dark shade of berry red.

Super Soft Merino Throws; Tolly McRae; £124.00

Super Soft Merino Throws; Tolly McRae; £124.00

So, if you’re looking to add a touch of autumn cosiness into your home then this trend is for you! The colour can be incorporated into your interior in a number of ways; you could opt for a statement sofa or add an accent of colour with a throw.

It is time to forget about the dark cold mornings, and praise the fact that it is an excuse to do a bit of shopping!

Esme Sofa – Antique Ruby; Living It Up; £760.00

Esme Sofa – Antique Ruby; Living It Up; £760.00

What you need to know about blogger outreach

What you need to know about blogger outreach

Getting props from big names such as Harry Styles, Rita Ora or Cara Delevingne is a dream come true for most brands. But recent research concludes that it’s actually bloggers rather than celebrities that weld the most influence when it comes to promoting products and services.

Blogger at work. Pic credit: s4.favim.com

Blogger at work.
Pic credit: s4.favim.com

Blogging itself has become big business for the smart and savvy early adopters, with preeminent bloggers such as Zoella earning in excess of £50,000 per month. Committed bloggers, having dedicated long hours and much effort into creating a beautiful site and subsequent following, are fast wising up to their worth; meaning ‘free’ coverage for brands is becoming harder and harder to secure.

As bloggers become choosier about the brands they work with, it’s important to follow some basic rules of influencer outreach.

  • Do your Research

“You may think it blindingly obvious, but you would be astounded at how many brands/PRs fail to read my blog and pitch me entirely inappropriate products” says Julie Falconer, founder of A Lady in London Blog. “Sometimes they even approach me with wrong name! Brands and PRs could do themselves a favour by reading at least my last couple of posts before launching into their pitch.”

Take the time to read the blog and understand the blogger’s style (it needs not be said, but also the blogger’s name). If they tend not to feature products similar to those you’re pitching, it’s a waste of time for all concerned.

  • Remunerate bloggers based on influence

There are no hard and fast rules as to how much brands should pay bloggers for their time in promoting their product or service, but do look toward a blogger’s influence for a rough guide.

If a blogger is relatively new with a handful of followers you probably can’t expect to achieve return on investment. However, if the blogger you approach has a large following and a track record of working with brands on campaigns then you will need to make sure they are paid for their time. Paying bloggers for their time is a great way to make them feel valued; and if they’re helping your brand, it’s only fair they should receive something in return.

Many bloggers have already assembled media packs, which outline charges along a scale of involvement. Don’t be afraid to engage with the blogger and explain what it is you’re after. Most will be happy to put together a tailored package, and remember, through posts and social media there are plenty of ways to reach your audience.

  • Build lasting relationships

Choosing a blogging partner should be similar to choosing a partner partner. Pick one that closely matches your values and aesthetic for a successful long-term relationship. Yes, you must have a little in common, but this just means that their readership is likely to be responsive to your brand. Then court them: befriend them on social media; follow them on Pinterest; be consistent with your engagement; establish a good working relationship; and recognise what it is that you both hope to get out of it. If you understand each other from the outset, together you will build a beautiful, fruitful campaign!

Case Study – Red Candy

Case Study – Red Candy

About Red Candy:

Red Candy was launched in 2009, as the world’s first red-only website. We’re not joking; literally every product stocked from clocks & colanders, to mugs & magazine racks, was red!

However, at the request of customers, they soon decided to push forward and embrace colours from all ends of the spectrum. Moving away from the rouge niche was pretty scary at first, but I hope you’ll agree with us when we say we now think that it was the best decision they ever made!

Objectives of PR Activity:

  • To increase national product awareness across a wide range of media through successful product placement in gift guides, news pages, get the look and style features

  • To raise the brand awareness through company news pieces across all print and online media

  • To increase brand awareness of Red Candy with end users

  • To achieve at least 10 pieces of coverage each month

  • To increase website traffic and sales conversions on redcandy.co.uk


  • On average, Red Candy receive between 40-90 pieces of coverage per month

  • 81% of traffic is from search

  • 19% of traffic is direct from online coverage

  • An average of 100,000 monthly visits to their website (July 2016)

  • Grown to a solid 99% customer satisfaction record (assessed by Feefo, an independent review system provider)

  • Have been with zero2one since launching in 2009


“When we first started working with zero2one we were a very young e-commerce business, concentrating mainly on online marketing. Zero2one immediately complemented our online presence with comprehensive offline coverage in national newspapers & magazines, introducing our brand & products to a much wider market than we could ever have hoped to achieve by ourselves in such a short period of time. The positive effect on traffic & turnover was instant and unquestionable. On top of this, each month we receive a huge wad of Red Candy related press cuttings through the post, so are immediately able to correlate mini trends over the previous month to the features & magazines that generated them – this provides perfect data for planning future advertising campaigns! Top quality service all round.”

Andy Menzies – Red Candy

If you would like to achieve the same success as Red Candy, you can contact us here or read more about our services here.

A/W 16 Trend: Opulent Luxe

A/W 16 Trend: Opulent Luxe

Now the sun might be shining outside but here at zero2one, we are turning our attention to the key autumn/winter trends (predicted by Unique Style Platform), which are just around the corner!

One of the main AW16 trends that has caught my attention is Opulent Luxe.

So if you’re not a fan of minimal style, this is the trend for you as the hoarder with ‘a taste for the finer things’ finally reigns supreme.

Opulent Luxe has a maximalist aesthetic inspired by historical interiors and mystical references. This atmospheric mood has a gothic presence. It effortlessly combines the old and new with plush surfaces, hi-shine metallics and heavy embellishment.

(Think Roberto Cavalli living in a rock ‘n’ roll takeover of Downton Abbey!)

To recreate this look, opt for dark, saturated tones that are rich and luxurious, combining precious jewel shades with hi-shine surfaces in black, pewter and gold for dramatic effect. Prints and patterns are magical and textures for soft furnishings include devorè, velvet and damask for a sumptuous feel.


  1. Marietta; The Chandelier & Mirror Company; £1692

  2. Metallic Single Destination Print Framed; Betsy Benn; £120

  3. Antique Silver Perfume Bottle; The White Lighthouse; £5

  4. Enchanted Forest Cushion & Deep Purple Velvet Cushion; Collier Campbell; £26

  5. Essey Illusion Table; Furnish.co.uk; £195

  6. LSA Polka Champagne Glasses – Metallic; Red Candy; £29

Start your Christmas PR NOW!

Start your Christmas PR NOW!

It may be all summer sun, festivals and holidays outside, but at zero2one it is all about the AW16 trends and Christmas!

Hard as it may be to believe, the long lead magazines such as Livingetc, Ideal Home and Good Housekeeping are all working on their November issues and Christmas gift guides!

If you want to be ahead of the pack this year, now is the time to start pitching your newest products and star buys to the press to increase your Christmas coverage.

For August only, we are currently offering 3 month Christmas campaigns. For more information, please contact Roxanne at roxanne@zero2one.com

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zero2one Introduces 3 Fabulous New Clients

zero2one Introduces 3 Fabulous New Clients

Here at zero2one it’s officially summer and we are ready for everything that comes with it- sun, fun and 3 super exciting new clients!

We are so happy to share these fabulous companies with you and guarantee their products will contribute to make your summer that little bit better. Take a look for yourself – you will not be disappointed.

Totally Funky:

Ever come across an invention which makes you chuckle and think “Why didn’t I think of this?”  Well the products on offer at Totally Funky do just that and will surely become household favourites! Some are so handy you will never go without them again and the others… well, they are so hilarious they will make you laugh every time you lay your eyes on them. Whatever the occasion these quirky items make perfect gifts or the perfect excuse to spoil yourself.

Kids Concept:

‘Kids Concept’ was born in 2007 and is the creation of three lovely ladies from Sweden. Their ‘Scandi-chic’ designs combined with their specialist knowledge of children’s furniture creates a lovely and style focused furniture range for children.

  1. The kids will just love having their very own Chesterfield Style Sofa. This sofa is guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your little one. This 2 seated sofa based on the classic Chesterfield style will look great in any child’s bedroom or nursery and will fit perfectly into the sitting room to allow your little one to relax in luxurious style alongside the adults.

  2. Add a little elegance and sophistication to any sitting area with this lovely retro style children’s armchair! Featuring a removable seat cushion for easy cleaning, this pink fabric tub chair is a perfect seat for your little one to read or watch TV on.

  3. This beautiful ‘Fairy’ crown bed canopy is ideal for a little ones room or a bedroom makeover- the perfect accessory for your prince or princesses living space!

Designer Homeware:

Designer Homeware's mission is to offer clients a wide range of famous brands. They stock world renowned brands from both well-known and upcoming designers to make sure that you find something that you will love. They have specialized products for the kitchen, living room, dining room, general home use and stock ranges never seen before in the UK – making for some very exciting shopping!

  1. Add charming design to the home with this stunning aOwl speaker from KREAFUNK. The two full range stereo speakers form the eyes of this delightful owl shape speaker, perfect for placing in any room of the home to enjoy your favourite tracks. Playing via Bluetooth, removing unnecessary cables and presented in a wooden box resembling a birdhouse, this makes a great gift idea for any occasion.

  2. Your ‘on the go’ coffee has never looked this cool – made from BPA FREE material and accessorised with a black holder and strap.  You can also get it with either real leather or faux leather accessories and with the added benefit of keeping your drink warm for up to 2 hours; you will love bringing this on your morning commute.

  3. Spruce up your home with this fabulous contemporary GALILEI Chandelier. Inspired by a character filled science lab-the components are actually original lab-equipment and ooze a quirky yet modern feel.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Father’s day

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Father’s day

Buying a great gift for your Dad is always a challenging task. Unfortunately, there are only so many speakers, socks and shed tools one man can have. So to help you out (and hopefully make your life a little easier)we have put together the Top 6 Father’s Day gifts guaranteed to put a smile on your Dad’s face.

1.Personalised ‘My Dad is’ print from Betsy Benn

Treat your Dad to a personalised print from Betsy Benn.

There is no better way to tell the first man in your life how great/infuriating he is than by giving him a personal and sentimental keepsake – written all in your own words. These stylish designs not only make the perfect gift, but make for a fabulous wall accessory.

2.Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses

Create the perfect drink with Normann Copenhagen Whiskey Glasses from Red Candy. Stylish and fun, these glasses also have a purpose and are here to turn every tipple into an experience to be savoured. Coming in a set of two these beautiful whiskey glasses are just the ticket for appreciating your bourbon or single malt of choice. 

3.GOAT STORY Coffee Mug

Give your Father something truly different this year with a GOAT STORY Coffee mug from Designer Homeware. Your ‘on the go’ coffee has never looked this cool – made from BPA FREE material and accessorised with a black holder and strap, this is truly a unique gift.  You can also get it with either real leather or faux leather accessories and with the added benefit of keeping your drink warm for up to 2 hours; you will love bringing this on your morning commute.

4.Portable BBQ Grill Briefcase

This very versatile and fun portable charcoal grill from Kikkerland is a great way to grill your food wherever you are. Just unfold the case and follow the simple instructions and you’ll be cooking in no time! A perfect gift for a dad who likes being on the move.

5.Suck UK Clocky

If your Dad is guilty of overusing your snooze button then this runaway alarm clock might be the solution to getting him moving in the morning!

We can’t decide whether the Suck UK Clocky from Red Candy is genius, or just plain evil! This wheeled alarm clock gives you one chance to get up, but if you press snooze then be ready to face the terrible consequences! Clocky will not only start beeping, but will also hop off your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide, meaning that you’ll have to get out of bed to silence him.

6.Weber Smokey Joe Original Barbecue

A versatile and classic barbecue – The Weber Smokey Joe Original from Riverside Outdoor Living is ideal for that delicious charcoal grilled flavour and is the perfect companion for any BBQ enthusiast who enjoys loading up the car and getting out for family picnics. The perfect gift for a lover of the outdoors.

RHS Chelsea 2016 finalist – Solus Decor

RHS Chelsea 2016 finalist – Solus Decor

Just like proud parents reveling in little Jimmy’s annual report, zero2one was positively beaming to learn of our client, Solus Decor’s Firecube 16” announced as a finalist in RHS Chelsea’s New Product of the Year category.


Allowing you to enjoy your garden whatever the weather, the Firecube 16″ is a contemporary concrete fire pit with eco-friendly ethanol burner, which also doubles as a table when not in use.

Solus, which zero2one helped launch in the UK market earlier in the year, have long been known as the go-to brand for fire pits in their native Canada, and more recently, the U.S. The Firecube is their smallest fire feature to date. Solus founder, Brad Carpenter, explains how the idea came about:

“The inspiration for this fire pit came from many disappointed customers who didn’t have the space for one of our larger units. We are constantly looking at and listening to designers and architects, customers and the public trying to figure out what is needed within the marketplace. The Firecube is our answer to smaller spaces.”

Launching at Chelsea, UK customers will be able to get their hands on a Firecube 16 ” at the end of May. Standing at 17” tall and with a square footprint of just 16” x 16”, the stylish concrete cube will fit virtually any space.  Although small in size, the Firecube is a substantial outdoor heater, emitting up to 40,000 British Thermal Units.

Solus will be exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show in collaboration with award-winning garden designer, Jack Dunckley; so if you’re in the area, do pop along!

About RHS Chelsea Garden Product of the Year

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden Product of the Year was launched in 2011 to recognise the best new garden products at the show. An expert judging panel consisting of garden journalists, industry buyers and business entrepreneurs assess the shortlisted products taking into account innovation, visual appeal, functionality, quality, value for money and environmental sustainability.

This year the winning product will be awarded during the show on Tuesday 24 May

How to Spot a Good Blog using Domain Authority

How to Spot a Good Blog using Domain Authority

As the blogosphere continually grows at an unprecedented rate, one of the main questions we are asked by our clients is how can you tell if a blog is worth pitching to?
More and more, brands are looking to form bonds with bloggers who will help them reach their target audience in a fast and measurable way.
By organising review samples, interviews, giveaways, reader offers and even giving blogs the exclusive on new product launches rather than print, brands are finally seeing blogs as a business; a big, lucrative, long-yielding business.
Not only do blogs help you reach your customer base, they help shorten your purchase path, gain highly influential and authoritative backlinks to your website, which in turn helps improve your overall SEO, visibility and ranking.
So back to my initial question; we speak with many bloggers on a daily basis on behalf of our clients and we find the easiest method of checking out a blogger’s worth in gold is by checking their Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Here is some more info about this from Moz…

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a score that measures the power of a websites’ domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is scored on a 1-100 point, logarithmic scale and is based on three factors; age, popularity, and size. Created be SEO specialists, Moz, we use this metric as a benchmark to pitch to strong, influential and rapidly-growing websites and bloggers.
It is worth noting that a Domain Authority score will often fluctuate and is best used as a competitive metric against other sites as opposed to a historic measure of an individual websites internal SEO efforts.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Whereas Domain Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or subdomains, Page Authority measures the strength of individual page. The same is true for metrics such as MozRank and MozTrust.

Where can you find Domain Authority?

Domain Authority metrics are incorporated into dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms across the web.
It’s best to use Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) as comparative metrics when doing research in the search results and determining which sites/pages may have more powerful or important link profiles than others.

Online Only PR Packages:

If you would like to see your brand and products featured in the most influential websites and blogs, please get in touch and enquire about our Online PR packages.

Introducing Solus Decor UK

Introducing Solus Decor UK

Can you believe it’s February already? In the world of interiors PR, that means that ‘gardens’ and ‘outdoor entertaining’ are the subjects du jour. We’re delighted to have been chosen as the agency to help launch Canadian fire pit and water feature specialists, Solus Decor, into the UK market.

By way of introduction, we asked Solus CEO, Brad Carpenter, the reason for the UK launch and the few tips on what to look out for when choosing a fire pit. Take it away, Brad.

“Fire features and the explosion (no pun intended) of their popularity in North America is a burgeoning trend that started on the west coast of North America and has spread from Miami to Montreal and all points in between. The UK and Europe are not far behind in this move to bring stylish and contemporary heat, light and furniture to their patio decks and gardens. According to the ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) fire features are the number one feature in garden design today.

A trend to expand the outdoor space in the UK is nothing new. One of the most exciting trends in the last number of years in the UK has been to open up the kitchen or reception with extendable bi fold doors to allow the outdoors in and extend your lifestyle out. Although fire feature fans in the UK have had limited options in the past couple of years relative to North America; but that is all set to change with the introduction of Solus UK fire pits. Solus UK is pleased to be on the leading edge of this outdoor lifestyle and design wave coming to the UK and to Europe.

In both continents there has been a trend to live outside whenever possible as long as possible. Incredible advances in outdoor fabrics and furniture have allowed for al fresco dining – it is not just simply reserved for hot and sunny vacations anymore. In Canada and the northern United States, fire simply extends your spring and fall in addition to your summer evenings. It is an ideal way to maximize your time outside and provide a focal point for your family and friends.

Modern fire pits have some big advantages – the absence of wood smoke and upset neighbours being probably the principal one. The convenience of either bio fuel which is the most environmentally friendly fuel, natural gas or propane are all options you can now consider in your garden firepit design; each with its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on your situation. Bio fuel and propane are portable if necessary, whereas natural gas needs to be affixed and plumbed in to a set location. Running costs of gas are generally less, although depending on location, lines can add up. With propane, you’ll be faced with finding clever ways to hide the unsightly white bottle. All fuels provide heat, ambiance, a place to tell stories or share a glass wine and all of this cannot be anything other than positive.”

If the thought of expanding your al-frestivities from March to November tickles your fancy, or you’re simply curious to see what Solus have to offer, please feel free to visit them at solusdecor.com – or in real life at the Grand Designs or Chelsea Flower Shows this spring.