Coverage Statistics for 2017

And just like that, the year is nearly over... and what a year 2017 has been!

Ignoring the political, social and economic turmoil, it has actually been a great year for the PR world. We have seen a leap forward in the metrics available to help measure the value of PR more efficiently, and witnessed the gap closing between PR and other marketing channels such as SEO and PPC, allowing services to be more complementary than competitive. Both being fantastic news for clients!

2017 has seen a huge rise in new digital marketing techniques and PR tools that are now readily available at your fingertips, which I’m sure is going to drastically change the way we look at PR in the coming years. (Tip. Expect to see more companies offering SEO PR, just like zero2one).

But even with the rise of digital, one thing that remains a winning method for producing sales and increasing brand awareness is print press coverage. 

Although there has definitely been an increase in online PR in the forms of blogger outreach, influencer collaborations and coverage on news sites and digital publications, and I am sure this is only the beginning for digital; it is very clear that print has not lost its Midas touch just yet.

Securing large volumes of great press coverage is our bread and butter here at zero2one. Whether it is getting your products featured in The Times, organising a photo shoot in Livingetc., or collaborating on a sponsored post with Love Chic Living, we have the right contacts to get our clients seen in their wish list of publications – in print and online.

As we all thrive on the thrill of securing bundles of coverage here at z2o HQ, we thought we would perform a little review of the coverage we have achieved this year for clients... and we were astounded at the stats. So, we thought we would share these figures with you guys below:

If you’re looking to increase your press coverage but not seeing the results you want, why not get in touch and find out how we can help bring your brand centre-stage in 2018.