What is zero2one?

zero2one is a specialist interiors and gifts company which, through working closely with our network of interiors and gifts journalists, secures wide-spread quality coverage for clients. We specialise in editorial product placement, which is essentially getting your products into the consumer press in shopping guides, news pages, “get the look” and other product-based features that journalists are working on.

What is Pay per Results PR?

Pay per Results is a unique service which we launched in 2007 where we only charge for coverage which we secure, when we secure it. We were the first PR agency to offer this revolutionary Pay Per Results philosophy, which delivers outstanding results while offering great value for money.

There are no hidden costs or administration charges, and we do not charge for our time or our expertise. You only ever pay for the coverage you receive, after it has come out in print.

Our Pay per Results service is best suited to those who don’t wish to pay a set retainer fee each month and are looking to achieve high volume widespread coverage.

How do I know if I qualify for PPR?

Our Pay per Results service of offered by invitation only, but please do get in touch to see if your company qualifies for an invite.

There are a number of different criteria that qualify companies for Pay per Results. An invite for your company is determined by our experienced team of PRs’ evaluation of your brand.

Some of the key factors are:

Do you have an online shop where customers can purchase your products from? Do you have good clean cut out images? Do you have a wide range of products that could appeal to the journalists?

However if you are unsure if you qualify for Pay per Results please do contact us and speak to a member of our team.

How do you charge for the coverage?

The charges for each publication are categorised according to whether the publication is national, regional or online.

Our clients only pay:

Print:£150 per national publication and large regional Eg. The Sunday Times, Homes & Gardens, Living etc, Good Homes, The Express, Metro

£40 per regional publication Eg. Homes & Interiors Scotland, Irish Times, Living Edge, Limited Edition

Online: £150 per website affiliated with national media and blogs with a Domain Authority of 30+ Eg. Mail Online, Stylist, housetohome.co.uk

£40 per website affiliated with regional media and blogs with a Domain Authority under 30 Eg. Bristol Property Live, Wales Online, Fabric

At the end of each month you will be sent an invoice with accompanying copies of the press coverage you have received. You are only ever charged for coverage after it has come out in print.

Can I choose where I would like to appear?

We are unable to allow our clients to select which specific publications they would like to be featured in as we work across the board targeting a wide range of monthly and weekly publications – both national and regional – in order to obtain the maximum amount of coverage for our clients.

We are therefore unable to limit where your products appear in the press as this would severely limit our ability to get the best quality of coverage for your company.

Alternatively we do offer a Retainer Service in which you pay a flat fee per month where we can tailor your PR activity to focus on specific publications or campaigns.

Will I start seeing high volumes of press coverage immediately?

Publications work to a varying degree of lead times, with the longest lead monthlies working up to 6 months in advance and the shortest lead newspapers working just weeks and sometimes days in advance of publication.

Because of this, companies don’t typically see high levels of coverage in the first 3 months, so invoices are kept low. After 4-5 months, you will begin to see the level of coverage we can attain for you as the fruits of our labour for the first few months come out in print.

What is a Retainer Service?

Our Retainer Services allow you to pay a flat fee per month, giving you greater control over your monthly budget. On our retainer service we can tailor your PR activity to focus on specific publications or product campaigns, as opposed to pitching your product range in across the board.

Do you have a minimum contract term?

Both our Retainer and Pay per Results contracts are 6 month minimum term after which there is a 60 day notice period (to give us time for some of the coverage to come out).

Who do you know and where can I expect to see coverage?

Since forming in 2003, zero2one have a proven reputation and strong relationships with journalists in interiors and gift sector which all our clients benefit from. You can expect to see coverage across a wide range of media including both UK national and regional based publications as well as online coverage in your product sector.

What kind of product images are you looking for?

You will need to supply us with high res images in the following specifications:

• jpeg format • More than 100 product images • 1000×1000 pixels • 300dpi • More than 100kb • Less than 8MB • A mixture of cut out and lifestyle

What is a cut out image?

Cut outs are the most popular image types for ‘5 of the best…’, ‘Get the Look’, gift guides and other similar product pages. These need to be:

• Shot on clean white background • Show the whole product without cropping • Sharp and in focus • Shot face-on or slightly angled to show the best view of product • Well lit – not too bright or with too many dark shadows

What is a lifestyle image?

Lifestyle images show your products in situ, and are most popular for news pages and specialist features. These need to be:

• Beautifully styled • A full room set or detailed vignette • Aspirational feel • Well lit – not too light or too dark • Shot straight on or slightly angled • Highlight on a particular product or collection

What do you need from us to help you work effectively?

In order to keep journalists enthused about your products and to keep up to date with current trends, it is vital that we refresh your image library regularly.

As soon as you acquire new stock it is important that you send through high res cut out images of the products so we can begin to pitch these in to journalists.

It is also important that you notify us of any products that are being discontinued so we can remove these from your image library and stop promoting these for features.

How do you promote products to the press?

Each month we write 1 press release for your company, which may focus on one specific ‘wow’ product or a collection of products with a common theme. We select the most appropriate items for this release based upon our knowledge of lead times, trends and journalists’ features lists. We then send this press release to our extensive database of interiors journalists.

Every day we carry out calls and emails to our network of journalists to secure leads and then send over the relevant products, as well as proactively pitching in your products to the appropriate journalists and publications.

We also subscribe to several lead alert services to ensure we generate the maximum press coverage for your products.

What types of products get the best coverage?

New product launches – these need to be promoted 2-4 months prior to launch date to ensure maximum coverage when the product launches

Products that are unique or exclusive to your company and never been seen before in the press

Products with a Unique Selling Point – something specific that will pique the journalists’ interest

Products with strong cut out imagery; or Products with aspirational lifestyle imagery with accompanying high res cut outs of individual products

Products which fit into specific trends i.e. colour, style, seasonal

Products which make perfect gifts for specific events i.e. Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.

What industry sectors does zero2one have experience of?

We work predominantly in the interiors and gift sectors, and have extensive experience, an ever-expanding list of contacts and proven results in these areas. Please contact us to see examples of the recent coverage we have achieved for our clients.

Are there any circumstances in which you’d refuse to take on a client?

Yes. If we genuinely believe that we would not be able to achieve a sufficient level of coverage for your brand/products, we would politely pass the opportunity up.

How do you charge for online coverage?

We only charge for online coverage on websites we believe to be of value to your brand. We have a great relationship with all of the top level interiors and gift website journalists as well as the most influential bloggers, and proactively pitch your products in to these publications and charge for coverage on these accordingly.