Let’s go Glamping!

Over the last few years we ditched the run of the mill British camping trip and kicked it up a notch into glamping. (I’m blaming you The Only Way is Essex!) There is no more trying to squeeze a group of six into a four-man tent and being rolled on top off whilst you’re sound asleep cocooned in your sleeping bag.

Glamping has replaced the cramped camping experience with roomy Bell Tents where you get the luxury of air mattresses (and sometimes actual beds), duvets and décor such as throws and cushions, and we are so okay with that!


Boutique Camping have come through for all you glampers with their funky new Weekender bell tent. Made from lightweight polyester they are half the weight of canvas bell tents. Choose from classic sandstone for a traditional bell tent look, funky rainbow pattern or for something a little different the distinctive Aztec pattern.

If you’re going to a festival this year, glamping is the way forward, as we all know how grim those festival campsites can be. We say grab a bell tent and make it as over the top as you can inside to make sure your living your best life at the campground as well as at the festival.

You won’t need to be jealous of the celebs posting from the festival VIP area, plus you’ll be the talk of the camp ground among all those regular tents.


As well as a bell tent you’re going to need glamping accessories to make sure your living as luxuriously as possible in the middle of a field. Things like funky cushions, fairy lights, throws and even some bunting to go on the outside will bring a homely vibe.

We suggest this two-tier hanging tent chandelier (because what’s a glamping tent without one), an air mattress or roll up bed, and a trolley to carry everything (because you can bet the stars aren’t carrying their own stuff, so why should you?). Plus with all the extra home comforts you’ll be bringing, we think you may need the trolley!


Once you have pitched your tent and glamped it up it will be your turn to show of your luxury home for the next couple of days on social media and give everyone who isn’t in your tent or at the festival some serious FOMO.

So grab your friends, festival tickets and a whole lot of glitter to get glamping in true Beyoncé style.