Top 3 Interior Trends for 2019

With the year drawing to a close, we now find ourselves anticipating the biggest interior trends that will be celebrated in 2019. And with our team of trend-forecasters having been busy researching what’s hot for next year, we now present from our findings our top 3 2019 trends.

From forward-looking celestial themes to the dark counterparts of old favourites, these irresistibly unique interior trends are sure to be seen in the homes - and on the social media pages - of interior design fanatics everywhere.



Add some ‘space’ into your space in 2019. With technology that promises us space visits becoming more tangible, the cosmos being an increasingly common theme in pop culture, and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing coming to the forefront, it’s no wonder that everyone has gone space mad. And the world of interiors is fully in on this craze. 2019 will see the galaxies that lie lightyears above us creep into the walls of our homes. Get the spatial look now with astral murals, star and moon motifs, deep purples and blacks, and futuristic furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction film.

Trapezium Arm Chair.jpg

Aquatic Life

With an emphasis in 2018 on how our habits are damaging the earth’s oceans, 2019 sees humanity pay tribute to the world that lies beneath us. This homage has made its way into the interior industry, which is seeing an onset of spaces displaying fantastical imaginings of aquatic life. Join in on the under-the-sea fun now! Turn your bathroom into a mermaid’s haven by using ocean-blue scaled tiles. Boost your home with accessories that feature our new found amphibious friends. And add some plush shell chairs to your bedroom and become the jewel of the ocean.


Hawaiian Nights

This trend takes the tropical theme that’s been popular in the last year and turns it on its head – or more specifically, a few hours forward on the clock. Hawaiian Nights sees all your 2018 favourites, such as the flamingo and the palm leaf, being strewn against black backdrops, evoking the imagery of the tropics at nights. This trend is a moodier, more decadent alternative to the bright and cheerful aesthetics of the topical trends before it. Achieve the look by using black or midnight blue wallpaper with a tropical print, or with flamingo and pineapple themed homeware set against dark walls or furniture.