Top 3 interior trends for 2018

Did you miss out on 'the great cacti craze' of 2017? Or did you triumph with your selection of greenery gifts?

Keeping ahead of what will be the next big thing is important for your business, as it will help you look ahead to what trends journalists will be looking at in the coming months. Then you can think about what products you have that might be suitable for such trends.

Researching the latest trend forecasts also offers great inspiration for creating content on your website, social media channels, or even to help with future stock planning.

We have been busy trend-watching bees over at zero2one HQ, searching through our favourite forecasting sources to find out what's the 'buzz' for 2018.

We have collated our favourite trends and curated our very own trend report for our clients to focus on for SS18. We have researched the evolution of seasonal trends like pastels and florals to see which direction they will take, along with pin-pointing what fresh looks will be emerging in next year.

Along with picking out the key looks to follow, we have also focused on what new colours, materials and animals (yes, animals) will be surging in popularity.


Here's our top 3 picks to watch out for:



In a striking shift away from the blonde woods evident in  Scandinavian style, that have been popular in recent years, earthy tones and dark woods will also be making a comeback.

Expect to see a rise in Rosewood, Walnut and the tonal marbling effects of Mango Wood. Also look out for wood with a ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ finish - a charring technique that results in a wonderful blackened surface effect.



As the trend for tropical continues to thrive, we see it take an electrifying twist. Think Miami at midnight, vibrant neon shades in turquoise, pink and purple and silhouetted palm trees. The colour palette is illuminating and pairs perfectly with another key trend for 2018, oil slick.



Along with alpacas and sheep, the cuddly llama takes the crown from the mystical unicorn as the next hotly tipped animal to influence our homeware.

If you would like further information on the key interior trends for 2018, please get in touch.