Client Case Study - The Garden Furniture Centre

About The Garden Furniture Centre:

The Garden Furniture Centre on Yew Tree Farm in The Midlands was established in 2000 as a small, family run business supplying indoor and outdoor furniture in the high quality bracket to local customers in the Midlands.

Now, over ten years later, the business has a 10,000 square foot showroom on Yew Tree Farm, a massive online catalogue with well over 2000 products and a dedicated Sales Team that serves the UK and beyond.


Tell us about you, your role and company:

I own an Internet marketing & Web Design business doing ork for clients all over the UK.

 What does Zero2one do for you?

Get Press Coverage both on and off line for a major ecommerce client of mine The Garden Furniture Centre Ltd.

 What were you doing before you worked with Zero2one?

Trying to source Press Coverage in-houe which was an uphill struggle.

 What are some of your best pieces of coverage?

We have plenty of coverage monthly but recently secured a great bit of exposure with Grand Designs

Who would you recommend Zero2one to?

Anyone looking to get their products/services featured in the UK Press both on and off line.

Recent Coverage:


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