Client Case Study - Living It Up

About Living It Up:

Since 2005 Living It Up have been creating made to order beds, sofas, chairs and footstools to name but a few. Their range is always expanding as they introduce the latest trends in interior design alongside the timeless classics that have been a part of their range since the beginning.

Living It Up offer a huge range of products in an array of styles and customisation options to enable you to achieve a high end look without breaking the bank.


Tell us about you, your role and company:

“My role within the business is quite varied. I cover a lot of areas from transport and warehouse to PR and advertising. Our company has 2 eCommerce websites that sell home furniture and salon furniture.”

What does Zero2one do for you?

“Zero2one puts Living It Up in front of a wide audience within the home magazines and news papers. They have helped Living It Up to be featured in some of the most prestigious news papers such as the The Sunday Times.”

What are some of your best pieces of coverage?

“Our best piece was our Cara sofa being featured in the Sunday Times”

Who would you recommend Zero2one to?

“I'd recommend Zero2one to any company that has a strong unique brand that deserves to be seen”

Recent Coverage:

If you would like to achieve the same success as Living It Up you can contact us here or read more about our services here.

Fiona Faint