10 Benefits of PR

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the PR pool for the first time but are still not quite sure what you’ll gain from it, consider some of the benefits below.


1)      Builds Reputation

PR is all about reputation: the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Coverage in the media shapes the way customers see you and strengthens your company’s image and perception.

Although a single mention may have an impact, the profile of a company is maintained through regular media exposure.


2)      Third Person Endorsement

Editorial is the ultimate advertisement. When a company or product is independently sanctioned by a journalist (as opposed to appearing in a paid for advertisement) it has much more credibility in the eyes of the viewer. Media endorsement instils customer confidence in your brand.


3)      Develops Interest & Familiarity

PR generates awareness and interest in your brand – the first steps on the AIDA marketing model:

A – Awareness

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action


4)      Cost Effective

Look at the AVE (advertising value equivalent) for any editorial you receive. Ad rates for a single page, including discounts, can cost anywhere from £1600 upwards!

Even for a large piece of coverage in a national with a 6-figure readership zero2one will usually only ever charge you £150.


5)      Increases Search Engine Optimisation

PR is vital to online search (SEO). When websites, blogs and wires pick up on your press releases it creates online coverage which in turn gets picked up by search engines. The outcome: your company will be ‘discovered’ by people using search in ways you’d never previously imagine.


6)      Coverage Looks Impressive on Your Website

Media coverage posted on your website or ‘Magazine X Loves…’ taglines offer an invaluable endorsement at POS.


7)      Become an Expert in Your Field

PR positions you as an ‘expert in your field’. There are always opportunities to provide expert comment to help journalists in their features.


8)      Paints an Innovative Picture

PR paints a picture of a company that is active an innovative.


9)      Targeted

PR enables you to reach exactly the right person through their chosen publication.


10)   Opens up New Markets

You’re products will be seen by customers reading publications you would never thought about advertising in!


If this has wet your whistle and you’re keen to explore how strategic PR can help build your brand, please do get in touch!