Adding value to your press coverage

Securing media coverage is at the very heart of what we do, and there is no doubt that it is a great way to drive awareness among new customers. But the effort shouldn’t end on the publication’s page, now you need to share it!

Why sharing coverage makes good business sense?

Firstly, it reinforces your credibility. Unlike any advert, a piece of editorial coverage has the endorsement of an independent journalist. It is trusted. Sharing it with customers will help strengthen their perception of your business.

It is also a great way of staying in touch with people. Updating customers on your social media platforms or via a newsletter with new snippets helps keep your business top of mind.


1.       Shout about your coverage on Twitter! (or any other social media channel)

Here at zero2one, we are always tweeting about the coverage we secure for our clients. (Make sure you are following us @zero2onepr) we always make sure to include our client’s twitter handles as well as the publications so they can retweet the message to their followers!

If the coverage is visible online be sure to include the link in your tweet, so your customers can click through and view your product in all its glory!


2.       Add ‘as seen on’ descriptions to products on your website

If you’ve just had a product featured in a magazine or newspaper, chances are customers will be logging on to try and find it. Make their lives easier by featuring the product on your homepage and add an ‘as seen on…’ strapline – guaranteed to make customers want to view the product even if they didn’t see the feature!

We love Cotswold Trading’s purple banners on their featured products:

We also love Alexander Francis’ “As Featured In” banners:


3.        Add a Press Page to your website

You’ve got all this great coverage so why not create a dedicated ‘Press Page’ on which to share it?

We love The Chandelier and Mirror Company’s Press Page which uses their product photos alongside the publication name and date.

We also love this press page layout* from , which aligns the product featured in the magazine with the front cover of the issue:

*Please note: you need to be aware of NLA ( and CLA ( guidelines when it comes to sharing press coverage. Generally you will need to hold a license to reproduce any coverage on your website.


4.       Press contact details

Make sure you include your PR Account Manager’s contact details on your press page, so that any journalists landing on your page can easily get in touch should they wish to feature your products!

For more information about how we can help you maximise your press coverage, please contact us.