PR & Media Relations

We use our strong journalist relationships and industry experience to build sterling reputations for our clients, which are cultivated and maintained through regular and consistent media exposure. Our friendly and dedicated team are passionate about PR, securing features across a wide range of national, regional and online publications. 


We offer two types of PR packages:


Pay per Results

Pay per Results is a unique service launched in 2007, which delivers outstanding results while offering great value for money.

There are no hidden costs and we do not charge for our time or our expertise – we only charge for the coverage we secure, once it has been published.

*offered to suitable companies with over 500 product lines.


Our Retainer services allow you to pay a flat fee per month, giving you greater control over your monthly budget.

We can tailor your PR activity to focus on specific publications or product campaigns. All Retainer clients receive additional reporting and have a dedicated team who will carry out a wide range of activities.