Looking to increase your press coverage this Christmas? Why not talk to a team who secured over 2,000 pieces of Christmas coverage for our clients last year!

With the national magazines starting their Christmas features and gift guides in July, and the national newspapers starting in September, there is no better time to start your PR campaign for the festive season.

About zero2one

Since 2003, zero2one have built a reputation for securing our clients unrivalled press exposure. Through our 15 years of experience, we have built an extensive network of journalists, bloggers and influencers to provide our clients with press coverage that is designed to build and grow their brand.

We never miss a chance for coverage as we are in daily contact with the most influential journalists in the country to make sure that every opportunity is captured!

We offer two Christmas packages:


Pay per Results PR

You don’t pay for our time or expertise, you only pay for the coverage we secure, when it is published. We work hard to generate as much coverage as possible based on our incoming leads and pro-active pitches.  This generates a high volume of widespread coverage.

£150 per national / £40 per regional

Christmas retainer package

This is for a more targeted and measured approach where we drive coverage based on your business needs, wish list titles and provide detailed reporting. Here we also work with influencers and bloggers for your company.

£1250 per month


zero2one immediately complemented our online presence with comprehensive coverage in national newspapers, magazines and online, introducing our brand to a much wider market than we could ever hoped to achieve by ourselves in such a short period of time.
— Andrew Menzies, Red Candy

If you'd like to be seen in the press this Christmas, contact us today!