Happy new year all. Hope you’re enjoying the familiar comforts of your old office armchair, and diet’s evolution from endless turkey and ham sandwiches, to Mature Cheddar & Pret Pickle.

However, if you’re feeling that maybe you’re just not quite ready to return to the grind, that maybe you’d just like to check out for a while and watch from afar; this new year interior trend may be one you could get on board with.

The rise of ‘escapism’ in home design has been marked as a hot trend to watch in 2017, and it’s not hard to understand why. In a world where smart phones are always within inches of their owners’ hands and the lines between ‘work’ ‘play’ and ‘home’ are continuing to blur, it seems like a natural progression for buyers to seek out an escape. In addition to location, technology and space, as we progress into a more and more tech-laden world, ore buyers will be seeking out a haven where they can truly turn off, unplug, and enjoy their own company.


Creek Landscape Lampshade; furnish.co.uk; £65

Oversized Travel Wraps; tollymcrae.co.uk; £59

Round Wooden Mirror; decorativemirrorsonline.co.uk; £308

Coastline Wooden and Acrylic Wall Hanging; betsybenn.co.uk; £59

George Side Table; oliandgrace.co.uk; £285

Travel Map Laundry Bags; kikkerlandeu.com; £17.50

Pop over to view all products in our Escapism collection now, and count on this being one trend really set to take off this year.