Say 'I do' to Pinterest

Put your hands up if you have a wedding themed Pinterest board but aren’t even engaged? Yes, I’m afraid I will have to hold my hand up to being that girl but at least I am not alone. According to a news article in the Daily Mail last week, 70% of Pinterest users admit to having wedding boards before they have received a proposal, let alone a partner.

So what has got us all saying ‘I do’ to Pinterest?

Since its launch in 2009, Pinterest is the fastest growing social media network and is now the fourth largest social media site in the world behind Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Here at zero2one, We.Love.Pinning. I use the site daily for clipping new recipes, eyeing up my payday purchases and popping those bucket list places to see on a board to save for another day. Recently, I have been helping a friend who lives in Australia plan her UK wedding using the group boards function so she can share ideas and things we’ve found to get this wedding in to action from down under.

Now we know how easy it is get lost for hours scrolling through pins, so how can a business use Pinterest to their best advantage?

With one in every six people who use the internet now on Pinterest, I wanted to share with you our best tips on perfect pinning for your business:

–          Firstly, make sure you install a ‘Pin It’ button to your web browser so whenever you see something you like or want to share, you can easily add it to your Pinterest boards. 

SS14 interior trends

–          Make sure you fill out the description box with relevant key words which relate to the picture in order to stimulate repining and ensuring you come up top trumps in search results. But don’t write too much and fill the box – keep it succinct and visually pleasing so it doesn’t affect the grid layout.

–          Make it known you are on Pinterest. Add a button or a widget to your email signature, website and any other networks you use.  You can find the buttons and widget builder on the Pinterest site.

–          Make the images on your website “Pinnable” so visitors can pin these to their own boards, which will effectively help direct traffic to your website (and hopefully increase sales!)

–          Build traffic to your Pinterest profile by inviting people to collaborate on a group board. Group boards are proven to have more reach than individual boards so why not create a board around a particular theme and invite friends, industry influencers or strong media contacts to come join the pinning party.

If you want to start a collaborative board with zero2one, let us know! You can check out our Pinterest profile here.

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