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Pay Per Results

Pay per Results is a unique service which we launched in 2007 where we only charge for coverage which we secure, when we secure it.

We were the first PR agency to offer this Pay per Results philosophy, which delivers outstanding results while offering great value for money. There are no hidden costs or administration charges, and we do not charge for our time or our expertise – you only ever pay for the coverage you receive, after it has come out in print. This service is best suited to those who are looking to achieve high-volume widespread coverage at a lesser expense.

Pay per results consists of 5 simple steps:

We start by setting you up with an online Press Office and assigning you a dedicated account manager

Your account manager will select appropriate items and write 1 press release per month, designed to generate maximum coverage – based upon our knowledge of lead times, trends and journalists’ features lists

This press release is then sent to our extensive database of journalist contacts

Your account manager will carry out daily calls and emails to our network of journalists to secure leads and then send over relevant products from your range

We then send you copies of the coverage we have secured each month –
you only ever pay for the coverage you receive, after it has come out in print

Our services

Pay Per Results FAQs

What is Pay per results PR?
How do I know if I qualify for Pay per results PR?
How do you charge for the coverage?
Can I choose where I would like to appear? What if I only want to appear in national publications?
Will I start seeing high volumes of press coverage immediately?
Do you have a minimum contract term?



Our Retainer Services allow you to pay a flat fee per month, giving you greater control over your monthly budget.

On our retainer service we can tailor your PR activity to focus on specific publications or product campaigns, as opposed to pitching your product range in across the board. All Retainer clients have an account manager who will carry out a wide range of activities to generate targeted press coverage for your company, including:

* Daily journalist calls & emails
* Press Release writing and distribution
* Arranging competitions/product promotions
* Arranging products for editorial shoots
* A monthly activity log to show the progress of your campaign

To find out more please contact us on 0207 384 3355 or email info@zero2one.com


It’s 2015 and more important than ever to improve the presence of your brand online. Christmas 2011 saw a 12% increase in online consumer spending – a staggering £365 million was spent on Boxing Day alone!  It’s this huge growth that has led the zero2one team to proactively build strong relationships with the leading digital publications, websites and bloggers to give our clients the best opportunities for coverage online.

There are a number of reasons why online coverage can be incredibly powerful for your business:

Your credits featured alongside your product provide a link direct to your website – this means users can click through to your website or product directly – dramatically reducing the consumer journey, increasing purchasing intent and driving more traffic to your website.

Online coverage remains accessible for much longer than traditional print publications – features can usually be found on the web at least 6-12 months down the line and often even years later, all the while continuing to drive traffic to your site.

Help improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and your Google Page Ranking as high profile influential websites create links to your site, increasing your number of quality inbound links. The more inbound links and the higher their quality, the greater your Google Page Ranking. This means your website and products will appear higher up in the UK’s search engines for relevant search terms ie. Velvet Chairs. This will again increase relevant traffic to your website.

Online coverage is a fantastic content generation tool providing you with a great talking point on your blog, Twitter or Facebook. Driving your followers to your editorial content online will help build the status of your brand and help position you as a leader in your target market. Not only that but online content is incredibly easy to share, so your readers can easily distribute content about your products with their wider network.


Our services
Social Media Management

Building on our extensive experience securing press coverage for interiors, gifts and baby brands, we are now expanding into social media management for our clients. Whether you’re struggling to find time for social media, lack the technical know-how or want to hand responsibility to someone who really knows what they’re doing, we are perfectly positioned to create a successful social media presence for you.

As a specialist agency with over 10 years’ experience in our sector, we can combine our industry know-how with cutting edge tools to create a management service which is tailored to interiors, gifts and baby companies. We currently offer packages for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, with plans to expand into additional platforms in the future.



We will create and publish a minimum of 5 posts per week, covering most weekdays and some weekends. Content is varied, with posts on your products, links to online articles, blog posts and, if we also handle your PR, links to and photographs of recent press coverage.

We understand that the key to keeping your audience interested in and engaged with your brand is variety, so we carefully balance all of these elements when planning your content. We also interact with other key influencers on Facebook, joining in their conversations via comments and likes, in order to spread your exposure as far as possible.

We will also offer the option to run a competition and/or an advertising campaign, at no additional cost. All you need to do is provide a suitable prize and/or cover the advertising fees charged by Facebook.

At the end of each month we will provide you with a report, detailing the activity on your account and the results so far.


Our Twitter package includes a minimum of two original tweets per day, containing a mixture of product links, links to online articles or blogs and, if we also take care of your PR, examples of recent press coverage. We also implement a strategy to engage with the most influential users in your sector, provoking conversation and gaining important exposure for your brand.

As with Facebook, in months three and four we will offer you the opportunity to run a competition and/or some advertising on Twitter. There is no additional charge for setting up and running these – you just need to cover the cost of the prize and/or Twitter’s fees.

We also provide a monthly report, so that you can see the impact of our activity thus far.



Our Pinterest package includes a minimum of ten boards, curated according to your product ranges, target demographic and current trends. Pins and additional boards are added gradually to ensure maximum exposure and refreshed regularly to ensure the content stays current.  

We will also implement an active ‘like, comment repin’ strategy to encourage interaction with other influencers and generate followers.

As with the other two platforms, your Pinterest package includes a monthly report.

Combined PR and Social Media Packages

Coming on board for a combined PR and Social Media package allows both services to work in tandem, as we can truly get into the mind-set of your business and coordinate our activity across both accounts. Thanks to our knowledge of upcoming trends, spikes in popularity of certain products and the features that are in the pipeline for your brand, we can tailor our social media activity to perfectly complement the press coverage we’ve secured for you.

Photographs of print coverage and links to online features can also be posted to your social media platforms as and when they appear, allowing us to shout about your press coverage in ‘real-time’. This allows the benefits of your coverage to be multiplied, showcasing key features to a wider audience than ever before.

If you are interested in a combined PR and Social Media package, please email socialmedia@zero2one.com so that we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

To find out more about how we can secure press coverage for your brand, please click here

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