Pay Per Results Philosophy

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Pay per Results is a unique service which we launched in 2007 where we only charge for coverage which we secure, when we secure it.

We were the first PR agency to offer this revolutionary Pay per Results philosophy, which delivers outstanding results while offering great value for money.  There are no hidden costs or administration charges, and we do not charge for our time or our expertise – you only ever pay for the coverage you receive, after it has come out in print.  This service is best suited to those who are looking to achieve high-volume widespread coverage at a lesser expense.

Pay per results consists of 5 simple steps:

We start by setting you up with an online Press Office and assigning you a dedicated account manager

Your account manager will select appropriate items and write 1 press release per month, designed to generate maximum coverage – based upon our knowledge of lead times, trends and journalists’ features lists

This press release is then sent to our extensive database of journalist contacts

Your  account manager will carry out daily calls and emails to our network of journalists to secure leads and then send over relevant products from your range

We then send you copies of the coverage we have secured each month –
you only ever pay for the coverage you receive, after it has come out in print.




What is Pay per results PR?
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