Carry on Glamping

There is nothing more magical than a night spent under canvas, getting close to nature and becoming one with the British countryside. At least, that’s what I’ve been told… which seems to jar with my own memories of (thankfully) limited camping trips when I was younger! 

Thankfully, our new clients Boutique Camping have everything you need to make your camping experience idyllic, and director Oliver Mundy was kind enough to share his top tips for a perfect glamping experience:


1. Take a tent that is above head height: you’ll be surprised at how much being able to stand up and move around in your tent will enhance your camping experience. Boutique Camping’s Bell Tents are simple to put up, light and airy, and are large enough to swing a cat in!


| Boutique Camping Bell Tents – 4 Metre Bell Tent £379, 5 Metre Bell Tent £439 |


2. Take a blow up mattress: and it’s worth taking a good quality one. A good night’s sleep isn’t something that is considered synonymous with camping, however it’s easily done and you’ll wake up with a smile on your face in the morning.

 3. Create a home away from home: if you’re planning on glamping, then you obviously like your creature comforts. Make your tent your haven to return to, there are so many accessories that you can buy, from simple decorations, to Moroccan style throws and rugs, from bunting through to coolboxes with built in stereos! There’s something out there for everyone.   


 | Bunting, £5.99, Mollie & Fred | Avoca Lambswool Frost Throw, £79.95, Barley Sugar |


 4. Light up your night: solar or battery powered lights, fairy lights, EL wire, lanterns – they all make your tent a nice place to hang out after dark.


 | White Cane Lantern, £29.99 and Vintage Floral Lantern, £14.99, both Mollie & Fred | Mini Moroccan Glass Lantern, £4.99, homehomehome |


5. Choose a good location: whether you’re going on a family camping trip or heading to a festival with all your friends, choose a good spot! You can check out the UK’s top glamping sites online, or family campsites that will cater for your needs. And if you’re at a festival get there a bit earlier so that you can pitch up around your friends making a nice community for a festival that you’re all sharing together.

 6. Be prepared: there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you take an organised approach to your camping trip! Packing things like a dustpan and brush to keep your tent clean, rubbish bags, washing up liquid, toilet roll etc. will only keep your tent a happy space.


| Bon-Fire Set, £319.99, Drinkstuff | Solar powered phone charger, £37.99 and LED emergency torch and tool kit, £24.99, both TreatHim |


 Cheat’s treat: An electric pump. Does anyone enjoy blowing up double mattresses with a foot pump?!


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