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Time To Say Goodbye

Back in 1998, four of my favourite popstresses warbled a tune that would stay with me for the next 14 years.


Going for Gold…

In case you weren’t aware… THE OLYMPICS START TODAY!!      After seven years of preparation this bodacious event is finally upon us and us zero2oner’s could not be more excited. We are lucky enough to have an EOF (extreme Olympic fan) in the office that has been, quite frankly, like a kid at Christmas.


From Parsons Green to pastures new…

According to Western superstition, Friday 13th is considered to be an unlucky day. A day of doom, it’s renowned for being a 24 hour period filled with calamities, catastrophes and hapless occurrences.

Cartoon Christmas Tree

Christmas Tidings… in July!

It’s crazy to think it in the heat of the summer sun (we can dream, can’t we!) but we’re currently wading knee deep through journalist requests for Christmas gift guide products!

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