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zero2one Trend Trios

Here at zero2one, we’ve a good eye for a trend. Whether it’s the look of the moment for your little one, the must-haves for your interiors or in vogue gifts for loved ones, we’ve got it covered and furthermore, these secrets aren’t something we keep schtum.


It’s in the Mix

I can’t tell you how much we’ve been gushing over new client Mengsel‘s fabulous screenprints in the office – we’re so taken by the colourful, bold and sometimes whimsical designs! Mengsel is the brainchild of designer and illustrator Luzelle van der Westhuizen, who moved to London from South Africa in 2006.


Wine and Cheese Wednesday!

In honour of the Autumn Cheese and Wine Festival at Southbank this weekend, the zero2one team thought it was high time to let our hair down and treat ourselves to a glass of vino accompanied by a mouth-watering selection of fine cheese. Okay, there may have been more wine than cheese consumed at least we […]

Up Close & Personal

This week saw a few of us departing the confines of the metropolis of London and heading North to visit our favourite Mancunian client, GettingPersonal.co.uk. After marvelling at the warehouse (namely their indoor park complete with park benches) and work ‘pods’ we plunged straight into a sugar-charged show & tell hosted by the lovely GettingPersonal […]

It’ll be all white…

Christmas is fast approaching (yes, yes, we know it’s only the start of October but we’ve been at it since June!) and here at Zero2one we are busy, busy, busy sending over fabulously festive products for last minute gift guides and Christmas photo shoots. One of our favourite emerging trends is that of a chic […]

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