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Big Brother House… this is zero2one!

Yes, its back! Celebrity Big Brother has returned to our screens and whether you love it or loathe it, we can’t stop ourselves talking about it! Since being taken over by Channel 5 the most important question on everybody’s lips has been ‘will it be any good?’ Well, that is for you to decide but […]

Busy Busy Peas

Across the nation, nutritionists and health experts stress the importance of a five a day fruit and vegetable diet.

The Present Finder

With Zero2one’s client base hailing from far and wide, it’s not every day we have the fortune to meet them. This week however we were delighted to welcome Mark, the brains behind The Present Finder, into our cosy headquarters. Based in Sherborne, Dorset, The Present Finder has been a long standing client of Zero2one, offering […]

Virtual Inspiration

We’ve gone pinning crazy in the office this week! In between Christmas call ins and the putting together of our Christmas ‘Wow’ packs (yes, really!), juxtaposed with the sweltering heat and persistent whurr of air con in overdrive, we’ve been getting to grips with the new phenomenum of Pinterest – and becoming obsessed! Have you logged […]

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